reflector updates
reflector updates

60 days of sales data for forecasting.




We now have data stored for your previous sales over 60 days. You can use this data to optimize your restock quantity with our forecasting tool. Let us tell you how much you need to order and then quickly create a Purchase Order so you never run out of stock again, while also avoiding overstock storage fees.

While you're there, take our in app survey to tell us how our forecasting suggestions look to you!

What else could Listing Mirror do for your business?




Take this super short survey and let us know what other services your business needs. This will help shape the platform to be exactly what you want and need. Your input is always appreciated.

Get Ready for Q4 with this Webinar!




Tuesday, September 20th @ 2:00pm EDT

Better Rules for Better Automation

Create custom rules for better accuracy when managing inventory, importing listings, pricing products & much more. Learn how to improve automation and stop wasting time.

Want to help us prepare for the webinar? Fill out this survey and tell us what you want to know about Rules. List any questions you want to see answered during the live Q&A session.

A fun activity to navigate the way you want to.




We are offering a card sorting activity to help improve the navigation and usability of our platform. Card sorting activities offer insight into the different ways of thinking about organization and the labeling of topics into specified groups.

Tell us how you want to navigate our platform!

Want Listing Mirror to be the software of your dreams? So do we!




We have now implemented some in-app quick surveys to garner feedback and comments. If you see one pop up, please take a minute to answer the questions so we can keep making improvements to the Listing Mirror platform.

More precise forecasting recommendations.




Did you find yourself questioning some of our order quantity recommendations for inventory forecasting? If so, then this update is for you! We found that in some edge cases where the in-stock percentage was lower than 20%, the math was computing a recommended order qty exponentially larger than needed. For this reason, we set a minimum in-stock percentage of 20%.

We have also limited the forecasting to All Warehouses. This provides the most accurate order quantity amount as it considers all of your sales and all of your inventory. We will work on discovering better methods to send proper inventory amounts to different warehouses, but for inventory restocking purposes this method of All Warehouses will get the most precise number to your vendors via a purchase order.

If you have any ideas, feedback or questions about our inventory forecasting tool, please head on over to the forecasting report and leave us some in-app feedback using our new survey popup. You can also watch our recorded webinar about inventory forecasting here.

See our announcements more conveniently.




We often announce new and exciting developments to our platform. While you're on the dashboard you can now view our most recent updates at a glance.


Previously, you could only access them via the announcements icon in the navigation, by clicking on the bubble to the right of the megaphone. And that option is here to stay as well.


But now, we've added another convenient way to view these announcements- the dashboard! We hope you're checking out your dashboard each day to view sales trends, items that recently went out of stock, and account health among other things. And while you're there now check out Listing Mirror's latest changes.

If you want to read the entire release note for an item, select its title. If you want to see even more announcements, click 'reflector updates' at the bottom to view the full list.

Low Stock Widget.




There has been another addition to the dashboard. This time it is a Low Stock widget. Check in daily to see the items that have went out of stock within the last 24 hours. Use this information to restock those items using our forecasting prediction or update the qty manually if you have more stock on hand.

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 11.21.58 AM.png

If you have any other suggestions for dashboard widgets, please submit them in a ticket to our support team.

New Dashboard Widget for Inventory Forecasting




Now found on the Dashboard screen - an Inventory Forecasting widget.

Use it for a brief glimpse of your inventory restocking needs, or click 'view entire forecast' for a more in depth analysis. Then use our platform to create purchase orders so you never risk running out of stock.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 10.30.55 AM.png

eBay Austria now available.




We now fully support eBay Austria, along with 8 other countries. Looking to expand your business - now is the time!