reflector updates
reflector updates

Revert Manage Inventory fix

Pressing Revert after updating the Manage Inventory page now properly sets your changes back to original values.

Sign in with Google

Does your Listing Mirror email exactly match your Google email address?

Are you tired of typing your password like it's 1997?

Happy days, you can now sign in with Google when you are logging in to Listing Mirror!

Note: If your Google email does not match your Listing Mirror email, you won't be able to use this… but you can always change your Listing Mirror email associated with your account by navigating to Profile -> Manage Users

Back to the Basics Webinar

Do you feel like you could use a refresher on how to use your Listing Mirror account?

Have you seen a few new features that you’re not sure how to use?

If you answered yes, our Back to the Basics webinar is the perfect place to answer these questions. We will be focusing on the core features on which Listing Mirror was built. Join us to get a refresher or to learn something new!

Sign up soon to save your spot!

Removing line breaks from product catalog descriptions

You will no longer need to type <br> in your descriptions when editing your listings inside of Listing Mirror. Just hit enter and we'll take care of the html for you. However, please keep an eye on your listings in the coming weeks to make sure no unintended consequences were caused by this improvement. Take a look at this article to see what HTML is allowed in your Product Catalog:

Now Add or Remove Quantity in Bulk

We have updated the Bulk Edit Quantity Update template to now allow you to add or subtract from your current in-stock quantity, as well as setting an entirely new quantity.

  • Set inventory to a specific quantity by entering in the number of the quantity available for that warehouse. For example, if you know that you have 10 items available for SKU 123 in Warehouse 1, but we were displaying 14 quantity, you would set Warehouse 1's column to 10.

  • Add quantity by entering in the number you would like to add followed by a plus sign (#+). For example, if you have received a new shipment of 10 items for SKU 123 in Warehouse 1, enter 10+ in the column for Warehouse 1 and we will automatically add 10 to the current in-stock quantity at the time of the upload.

  • Remove quantity by entering in the number you would like to remove followed by a negative sign (#-). For example, if you need to dispose of 10 damaged items for SKU 123 in Warehouse 1, enter 10- in the column for Warehouse 1 and we will automatically deduct 10 from the current in-stock quantity at the time of the upload.

We hope this improvement makes for an easier inventory management workflow for our customers! If you have any other questions, check out the support article here.

Walmart Order Import

Walmart US has recently added a new filter to their Order API that greatly improves importing orders. This should prevent orders being missed moving forward.

Non Editable Listings Update

We have updated the experience for non-editable market listings! From now on when we have a market listing that you cannot change from within Listing Mirror, we'll disable those fields but still show you what we have for them. If you have listings that you are unable to edit but believe you should please contact support!

WooCommerce Tracking data!

Users of WooCommerce can now receive tracking data updates! Please install the Shipment Tracking app in WooCommerce, and then in Listing Mirror - edit your WooCommerce integration -> Advanced -> check Send Tracking

Overstock Taxonomy Updated

Now with more Exact Color for your syncing fun.

Product Catalog Sync Improvements

We have added visibility to the Product Catalog to explain why fields are not eligible for syncing to market listings. On the Product Catalog page click the icon below the field to see which marketplaces are syncing, not syncing, and why.