reflector updates
reflector updates

Shopify- Schedule future publishing from within Listing Mirror.




Do you want to create Shopify listings now, but not have them appear on your website until sometime in the future? Shopify has a feature called Future Publishing that allows you to hide parts of your online store until a specific date and time. And now, you can set that future publishing date within Listing Mirror.

Simply go to your Shopify Market Listing and fill in a date and time for the "Schedule Availability" fields and save those changes.


You can also do this in bulk via our Market Listing Add, Market Listing Core, or Market Listing Complete bulk edit templates.

This will allow you to create those Shopify listings at a time that is convenient for you, but will only show them on your Shopify store at the time you wish customers to see them.

Etsy Variation Combinations now Automated! No more adding in 0 qty SKUs.




Have you ever seen an error message on your Etsy listing that says Incomplete : All combinations of property values must be supplied.? Well, that is because Etsy requires that all variations have the same variation values. For example, selling a blue and red shirt and you offer small, medium, and large for the blue, you must offer small, medium, and large for the red, as well. Even if you never have plans on stocking a large, red shirt.

Previously, you would have to manually add in a large red shirt and SKU and set its qty to 0 in order to have any of that product's variations show as a healthy listing. But now, we will do that for you!

Any time you have an Etsy product with missing variations, Listing Mirror will generate that variation with a fake SKU and 0 qty. This means less work on your part while getting up healthy listings in order to sell more.

If you had already existing Etsy listings with the error mentioned above, we've ran this new feature on your listings and they should have been cleared of that error. Please reach out to our support team if you're still seeing the error or if you have any questions about this improvement.

Route Orders based on Qty




Would you like us to skip certain fulfillment methods depending on the number of items in that order? We can do that for you!

Read more about it here.

Simply enter a max order size on one of your inventory sources, and if an order has more items than that number, we will skip that fulfillment method and move on to the next available fulfillment method.

This can fit many different business workflows, and help you get your orders to the fulfillment methods that make the most sense and save you the most money.

Webinar: Register to learn how to create and manage your listings!

Don't miss out on this week's webinar! Our team is very excited to be reviewing how to create and manage your listings in Listing Mirror. This feature is the core of our software, and it's important that you know all the ins and outs so you can Sell More. Work Less. this holiday season.

As always, we have two times for you to choose from.

Wednesday at 2 pm ET

Thursday at 11 am ET

Sign up here.

Etsy orders now have personalization and gift details.




Listing Mirror will now import and display the personalization message & gift information (gift message and if gift wrapping is requested) for your Etsy orders! It is also available via our API if you would like to pull that information from Listing Mirror.

If an Etsy order had a Personalization Details message attached to it, you will see the following on the Order Details page.


If an Etsy order has a gift message attached to it, you will see the following on the Order Details page.


If an Etsy order has gift wrapping requested, you will see Gift Wrapping: Yes above the Gift Message. It will also display the Gift Wrap Price in the price breakdown on the Order Details page.


Our goal is to allow you to fulfill your customizable orders as easily as possible. We hope that pulling in this information for your Etsy orders will allow you to easily fulfill all orders (personalized, gifts, standard) from within Listing Mirror, and not miss any information important to your customers!

Deliverr now has International Shipping!





Deliverr has recently announced that they will support international shipping, and Listing Mirror has the support for it that you need. You can edit each Deliverr integration to ship to the countries of your choice. This means you can now use Deliverr's fulfillment services for more orders! By leaving a country off of the "ship to countries" list, you can fulfill those using other services to save on shipping costs.

Find out more about this feature and how to edit your Deliverr integration here. All current Deliverr integrations will still only ship to US addresses, unless you go in and update the "ship to countries".

Auto-Split Fulfillments to save you time!





Auto-Split Fulfillment will automatically (and systematically) split an order based on your Inventory Source prioritization. This means when you receive a multi-SKU order, we will fulfill that order through your preferred methods hassle-free.

This is a great time saver for business owners who want to increase their chances of orders being fulfilled via FBA, and reduce the number of times they have to fulfill the order manually. You also won't have to rely on manually splitting orders to get your order shipped to the customer in a timely manner!

Read more about it here. Available for anyone on a Gold plan or higher with no extra cost.

Want to know how this feature can help, or what you need to do to get access? Reach out to our team and we'll be happy to give you the details.

Buy on Google GTINs





We will now populate a GTIN for your Google listings using your UPC data, if no GTIN information is given either on the market listing or product catalog. We will also sync this to Google so your listings can be better optimized!

Google Shipping Fields Now Available!





Many of you have asked our team to add the shipping weight/dimension fields for Buy on Google in order to best optimize your listings for Carrier Rate shipping, and we have delivered! You can either add/edit dimensions and weight for any Google listing individually, or have it source directly from your Product Catalog (meaning less work for you!).

Read Google's article about the different shipping options Merchants can use, and the benefits of each.

If you decide that Carrier Rate shipping is your best option, head on over to your Google listings and check out the new fields shown below!


Send Ship and Deliver Dates to ShipStation!





A few weeks ago, we added a feature where you could customize the information you send to ShipStation along with your orders. Check it out here. We've now added two more possibilities for those fields:

  1. Requested Ship By [date]
  2. Requested Delivery By [date]

Never second guess when you need to fulfill your orders again!

We're always working hard to make sure our partnerships are as seamless as possible, so you can Sell More. Work Less. Please let us know what else you'd like to see us offer for ShipStation, or any of our other partners!