reflector updates
reflector updates

Send Ship and Deliver Dates to ShipStation!





A few weeks ago, we added a feature where you could customize the information you send to ShipStation along with your orders. Check it out here. We've now added two more possibilities for those fields:

  1. Requested Ship By [date]
  2. Requested Delivery By [date]

Never second guess when you need to fulfill your orders again!

We're always working hard to make sure our partnerships are as seamless as possible, so you can Sell More. Work Less. Please let us know what else you'd like to see us offer for ShipStation, or any of our other partners!

Amazon Blank Box Program!






Beta Testing



You can now fulfill orders using Amazon's Blank Box program at the channel level! This means that Listing Mirror can fulfill some, or all, orders using FBA inventory in a completely unbranded package (no Amazon tape or logo, nothing). You'll be able to fulfill your eBay and Walmart orders with your FBA inventory without the potential for account suspension and other negative consequences.

To use this, you must be enrolled in Amazon's Blank Box program, and have Blank Box inventory in Amazon Warehouses. If you are not already accepted in the program, apply here.

Find out how to set it up in Listing Mirror by reading our article.

Calling all Wish sellers!


Beta Testing



If you have read our recent newsletter, you know we are working on an integration with Wish! We are very excited to be able to offer you another channel to help you sell more! As we near our launch date, we are in need of clients to integrate their Wish stores with Listing Mirror. Our first open spots will be given to those sellers already receiving orders on Wish, but don't worry, it won't be long until we onboard new sellers as well!

If you already have success on Wish, please email our Client Success Manager at to get started.

We thank you for your help, and look forward to onboarding many of our clients with the Wish platform!

Gold+ Subscriptions now get Vendor Catalog, Purchase Orders, and Receiving!





On our mission to become your one-stop shop for all things e-commerce we have extended the ability to create and complete Purchase Orders to any of our clients on a plan of Gold or higher. If you are interested in these features, upgrade your plan today through the Billing Information section of your Profile!

If you would like to learn more about what these features do, and how they function, read these articles our team wrote!

Vendor Catalog - The vendor catalog is a list of items or products you purchase from any given vendor. Every vendor has their own catalog, and you can create Purchase Orders to order from them as long as the items are in the vendor catalog.

Purchase Orders - A purchase order (PO) is a list of items you need to order from a specific vendor. You'll use SKUs in your Vendor Catalog to fill out how many of each item you need, and email it to your vendor for them to bill, fill, and ship those items to you!

Web Receiving - When you issue a purchase order to a vendor, they will package and ship those items to you. Receiving is taking count of the items you got, and adding them to your Listing Mirror quantity!

Now edit your imported Walmart listings!





Read all about if you should convert your Walmart listings, and how to do so, here.

Previously, to edit your Walmart listings inside of Listing Mirror you would have to delete the listing and recreate it from scratch.

When Listing Mirror imports your Walmart listings, it is not a complete import. Due to Walmart limitations, we only import the title and 1 image. When we convert an imported Walmart listing into an editable listing, listing data starts syncing from Listing Mirror to Walmart. This means that any data on Walmart that doesn't exist in Listing Mirror will be overwritten. Because of this workflow, we proceed with caution when converting Walmart listings.

However, we now have a better way! When viewing an uneditable Walmart listing, you can click a link to convert the listing to editable. We will grab the SKU and UPC from the listing, and fill in the rest of the information using your Product Catalog. Then, moving forward, you can use Listing Mirror to manage and update your Walmart listing data!

ShipStation Users- Send customizable fields!





Do you want to send certain information about your orders to ShipStation? Well, now you can! Send fields such as UPC, Market SKU, ASIN, Inventory Source, and many more! Read more about the options you have and how to set them up here.

Block Amazon Logistics Tracking





Use Amazon MCF to fulfill Walmart orders!

Steps to block Amazon Logistics Tracking here.

Watch our webinar with Amazon MCF where we go in depth about this topic.

Listing Mirror can now block Amazon logistics tracking at the channel level.  This means that Listing Mirror can fulfill some orders using Amazon carriers (to capture the lower fulfillment price), and use traditional carriers such as USPS and UPS to fulfill other orders. This allows you, the retailer, to get the best of both worlds! 

This setting is set up at an integration level. If you want it set up for your entire account, you'll need to enable it for every integration. Keep in mind that if you are fulfilling through MCF for Walmart, it is required to block Amazon Logistics.

Walmart Item Spec 4.0





You may have received marketing emails directly from Walmart about their new Item Spec 4.0 update. We have been working hard to get Listing Mirror synchronized with this new API and are happy to announce that it is live! A couple of things to look out for in our platform:

  • Visible Fields: Manufacturer, Brand and Prop65WarningText fields will no longer be hidden in the Category Specifics tab. They are now more easily visible in the Parent Listing Fields, and updating it just once still updates all of your child listings.

  • Shipping: Walmart has changed how shipping speed and services are configured. It now works as a two step process where you must first create a shipping template within Walmart Seller Central and then assign it to a listing, similar to how eBay already functions. As part of this transition, Listing Mirror will automatically create a default template based on your current shipping overrides! You should not notice any changes with any Walmart listings you were already managing; however, moving forward you will have to implement a new workflow for Walmart listings.

    1. Create a shipping template directly in Walmart Seller Central.
    2. Wait for it to sync with Listing Mirror.
    3. Edit the listing individually or use a Market Core Edit bulk template to update your listings.

  • New Categories: Walmart added 80 new category attributes to help organize products in site navigation. As a Listing Mirror user your current Walmart listings were automatically mapped to the closest new category, but you can always update this in the Category Specifics tab of the listing.

At this time we have not yet implemented a way to support WFS listings, but we have heard your collective need for it, and it is on our radar!

We have done our very best to make the transition to v4 as seamless as possible on your end, but please quickly reach out to support if you experience any oddity in your Walmart listings. We are here to help!

New support notifications!





You may notice a change in our support bubble that lives in the lower right corner of our application. We have updated this to ensure that you are receiving alerts once our support team has responded to your tickets. Solving your problems is of high important to us and we don't want any communication to go unnoticed. Please let us know what you think of the improved feature!

The alerts are as follows:

Quick Help will lead you to our expansive help center where you are likely to find an article that will help you along. If you still didn't find what you are looking for, submit a request and our support team will help you along!

You have open support requests means that you have submitted tickets and our support team is still working on a solution, but has not yet responded back to you. Clicking this will take you to the page where you can view your open tickets.

You have new support responses means that our support team has responded back on the ticket. It is now your turn to click this bubble and see how they have helped you!

We are hopeful that this aides in the best communication possible between Listing Mirror and our users. Please let support know if you run into any issues by submitting a request at

Rule filter fix





Rule filters now apply to fields that are sourced from the Product. Moving forward listings who are sourcing fields from Product will now be properly matched.