reflector updates
reflector updates

Gold+ Subscriptions now get Vendor Catalog, Purchase Orders, and Receiving!





On our mission to become your one-stop shop for all things e-commerce we have extended the ability to create and complete Purchase Orders to any of our clients on a plan of Gold or higher. If you are interested in these features, upgrade your plan today through the Billing Information section of your Profile!

If you would like to learn more about what these features do, and how they function, read these articles our team wrote!

Vendor Catalog - The vendor catalog is a list of items or products you purchase from any given vendor. Every vendor has their own catalog, and you can create Purchase Orders to order from them as long as the items are in the vendor catalog.

Purchase Orders - A purchase order (PO) is a list of items you need to order from a specific vendor. You'll use SKUs in your Vendor Catalog to fill out how many of each item you need, and email it to your vendor for them to bill, fill, and ship those items to you!

Web Receiving - When you issue a purchase order to a vendor, they will package and ship those items to you. Receiving is taking count of the items you got, and adding them to your Listing Mirror quantity!