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reflector updates

Now edit your imported Walmart listings!





Read all about if you should convert your Walmart listings, and how to do so, here.

Previously, to edit your Walmart listings inside of Listing Mirror you would have to delete the listing and recreate it from scratch.

When Listing Mirror imports your Walmart listings, it is not a complete import. Due to Walmart limitations, we only import the title and 1 image. When we convert an imported Walmart listing into an editable listing, listing data starts syncing from Listing Mirror to Walmart. This means that any data on Walmart that doesn't exist in Listing Mirror will be overwritten. Because of this workflow, we proceed with caution when converting Walmart listings.

However, we now have a better way! When viewing an uneditable Walmart listing, you can click a link to convert the listing to editable. We will grab the SKU and UPC from the listing, and fill in the rest of the information using your Product Catalog. Then, moving forward, you can use Listing Mirror to manage and update your Walmart listing data!